How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps


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how to drop a pin in google map

Discover the best ways to permanently save addresses in Google Maps on Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

Pin Drop Location

When you drop a pin in Google Maps, you’re telling the map where you are located. This is important because it helps Google Maps give directions from your location to other places. The pin also shows up on the map, making it easy for others to find your location.

Dropping a pin in Google Maps is an easy way to mark a location on a map. The pin can be used to mark a specific address, or it can be used to mark a location on the map that is relevant to your current search.

The location of the pin is important because it helps Google Maps determine the best route for getting you to your destination. When you drop a pin, Google Maps will automatically calculate the distance and estimated time of travel from your current location to the location of the pin.

How to Drop a Pin in Google Map

There are a few ways to drop a pin in Google Maps, depending on what device you’re using. Let’s go over how to do it on a smartphone or computer.

First, open Google Maps and find the location you want to mark. Zoom in or out to get the right spot in the map. Then, tap and hold your finger down on the spot until a menu pops up. In the menu, select “Drop Pin.”

If you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, you’ll see an option to add a title and description to your pin. You can also choose whether to make your pin public or private. Tap “Save” when you’re done.

If you’re using a computer, there’s no need to add a title or description. Just click “Save” and your pin will be created.

How to drop a pin in google maps iphone (ios app)

When you need to get directions or share your location with someone, you can drop a pin in Google Maps using iphone (ios app). Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Maps and find the location you want to drop a pin on your Iphone (ios app).
  2. Now, you will find a search for location at the top of the screen, and tap and hold over the place where you want to be the dropping location. Tap and hold on the map until the blue dot turns into a hand.
  3. Drag the map to the desired location and release your finger.
  4. A pin will appear at the spot you dropped it.

Save a Google Map Pin Location

This feature is available on mobile devices and computers.

You can save a bookmarked location’s address to a list that’s connected to your Google account. You can then access the saved entry into all your devices connected to the Google account where you saved the list.

You can save the list of the currently stored pins to an account associated with your Google account, where you can access it on your smartphone or tablet as well as in a desktop browser.

Three default lists (Favorites, Want to go, and Starred locations) are available, and you can add your own additional lists by going to Your Places in the app’s main menu.

Each list can be private or shared, and you can add users to any list you indicate. Groups also offer lists of pins for every place you’d like to add.