Troubleshooting Guide: Why MSN Isn’t Working on Your iPad?


Why MSN Isn't Working on Your iPad

Are you frustrated because MSN is not functioning properly on your iPad? You’re not alone. Many users encounter issues while accessing MSN on their iPads, hindering their ability to send important emails or stay connected.

In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons behind MSN not working on your iPad and provide practical solutions to resolve these issues.

Why People Choose MSN?

Since its inception in 1995, MSN has remained a popular email service developed by Microsoft. Offering a range of features beyond email, such as news updates and blog access, MSN has garnered a loyal user base.

The flexibility of accessing MSN on various devices, including iPads, makes it a preferred choice for personal and professional use.

Common Causes of MSN Issues on iPad

  1. Incorrect Email and Password: One of the most common mistakes is entering the wrong email address or password, often overlooked by users. Double-check these credentials, ensuring the Caps Lock key is correctly toggled.
  2. Incorrect Server Settings: Server settings play a crucial role in MSN’s functionality. Verify that the incoming and outgoing server settings are accurate. If necessary, remove and re-add the email account, inputting the correct server details (e.g., incoming server:, outgoing server:
  3. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): MSN requires SSL to establish a secure connection between the web server and browser. Ensure that SSL is enabled for both incoming and outgoing servers. To enable SSL, navigate to “Settings,” select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” choose your email account, click on SMTP, and enable SSL.
  4. Connection Problems: Unstable or inadequate internet connectivity can disrupt MSN on your iPad. Check your Wi-Fi connection or contact your internet service provider (ISP) if necessary.
  5. Security Concerns: Hacking attempts or malware can compromise your MSN account, preventing access. If you suspect your account has been compromised, remove it from your iPad and initiate account recovery or password reset procedures via another device’s browser.
  6. Microsoft Server Issues: At times, MSN may experience maintenance or server downtime due to its vast user base. If this is the case, exercise patience and wait until the service is restored.

Solutions to Resolve MSN Issues on iPad

  1. Check Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection before accessing MSN. Troubleshoot any connectivity issues to avoid disruptions.
  2. Authenticate MSN Account: Verify the accuracy of your email account settings and credentials to eliminate authentication problems.
  3. Check Mail Settings in iOS: If MSN has been removed from your iPad, reconfigure it by navigating to “Settings,” selecting “Accounts and Passwords,” and entering your email and password.
  4. Clear Cache: Clearing the cache from your browser and MSN app can resolve various app-related issues. Go to “Settings” and clear the cache associated with both applications.
  5. Update MSN App: Outdated versions of the MSN app may cause compatibility issues. Check for updates and install the latest version available.
  6. Safe Mode: Activate Safe Mode on your iPad to troubleshoot MSN problems. Hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously, release the Home button when the screen turns black, and press the volume button when the Apple logo appears. Restart the device to exit Safe Mode.
  7. Contact Microsoft Customer Support: If all else fails, reach out to Microsoft Customer Support for personalized assistance. They can provide guidance via email or phone, helping you resolve the issue effectively.


Encountering difficulties while using MSN on your iPad can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome these issues. By addressing common causes like incorrect credentials, server settings, or connection problems, and following the suggested solutions, you can restore MSN’s functionality on your iPad.